Side event at CSW 59

“Gender Equality and Aging Society: the Asian perspective”

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13:15-14:30 March 13, 2015

Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium, UN

Presented Power Point

1)The situation of older women in Asian societies

Ms. Thelma Kay

Former Director of Social Development Division ESCAP, Former Senior Advisor Ministry of Social and Family Development Singapore, Council member, Active Ageing Consortium for Asia and the Pacific

2)Responding to Aging society in Asia: JICA's work and experience

Ms. Yasuyo Okumoto

Deputy Director, Office for Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction, Infrastructure and Peace-building Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA

3)Elderly Women Living in Poverty

Dr. Saori, Kamozawa

Visiting Researcher, Social Work Research Institute, Japan College of Social Work; Part-time Lecturer, Nihon University, Board of Directors, Officer, JAWW (Japan Women’s Watch).

4)Contribution of women over eighties to reduce the health disparities: A proposal from a super aged society

Ms. Masako Hiramatsu

Vice Chair, National Women’s Committee of the UN NGOs

5) Gender and aging

Ms. Aparna Mehrotra

Senior Adviser on Coordination and Focal Point for Women in the UN System, Division for Coordination, Focal Point for Ageing

Coordinator:Yukiko Oda, Vice convener, JAWW (Japan Women’s Watch)


A brief introduction to two top female Japanese athletes in their 100’s and 90’s

Ms. Hiroko Hashimoto

Japan Representative to UN CSW and Principal of Jumonji High School in Tokyo



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