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July, 09, 2020
JAWW published “Impacts of COVID-19 on Women in Japan: An interim report”.
This is an interim report as of 20 May 2020 focusing on the government's immediate responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asia Pacific Civil Society Forum
on Beijing + 25 (November, 2019)

January, 28, 2020
JAWW published NGO Report for Beijing + 25
This report consists of 21 areas, including 12 areas (A-L) defined in the Beijing Platform for Action plus 9 areas (P-X) added originally by the JAWW.

About JAWW

JAWW is an advocacy organization with special focus on the implementation of Beijing Platform of Action (BPFA) and other internationally agreed documents.

JAWW succeeded in part the activities by a group named Japan NGO Report Group which was set up in 1999 in preparation for Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the 21st Century.

JAWW is closely working with the Asia Pacific Women's Watch (APWW), a regional network to advance the status of women in the Asia Pacific Region. APWW collaborates with United Nations organizations, national governments and NGOs. APWW covers about 20 countries in South-East, Central, East, and South Asia and Pacific region and works with regional women's networks.

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